Throughout the year the branch hosts a variety of events with the aim of supporting members with their beekeeping and also to entertain them. The main events are:

Winter meetings

From September to March the branch holds monthly meetings on topics of beekeeping and related issues. The meetings are usually on the second Monday of the month and are held at 'The Stables', Chilsworthy Methodist Chapel, EX22 7BH. Details of the current series of meetings can be found at branch calendar.

Summer meetings

Dunsland Throughout the spring and summer, members meet every other Sunday afternoon at the new branch apiary at Dunsland House (EX22 7AA), approximately 5 miles east of Holsworthy, see map. Details of the apiary meetings can be found at branch calendar.

At these meetings the members help out the Apiary Manager with the regular work necessary to run a successful colonies of bees. There is also an opportunity for us all to learn from each other and discuss problems and solutions we have found at our own apiaries.

There is a separate series of apiary meetings arranged for those who attended the branch beginners course during the winter. The schedule for the beginners apiary meetings is circulated to them separately.

Holsworthy Spring convention

Convention Since 2006 the Holsworthy branch has organised a day long convention for its members and other local beekeepers. The convention gives all who attend the opportunity to hear from well known national figures in the beekeeping world and also to buy supplies. More details of the 2018 Holsworthy Spring Convention can be found at Spring convention 2018.





Branch honey show

Honey Show After the annual harvest from the apiaries the branch holds its members honey show. This is where the results of the hard work of the bees and beekeepers are judged by a qualified honey judge. This gives us an opportunity to show the public the high quality of the many bee products we aim to produce. More details can be found at Branch Honey Show




Nosema testing

Nosema testing Nosema is a pathogen that can, if left untreated, cause a dwindling of a bee colony. Devon beekeepers (DBKA) and the Holsworthy branch organise regular nosema diagnosis and testing days, details of the next can be found at Nosema testing and diagnosis







NBU The National Bee Unit (NBU) is funded by FERA and other government bodies to protect the honey bee by research, inspection and supporting all beekeepers. NBU organise the national system of Bee Inspectors, both full-time and seasonal. The website has a great deal of information for beekeepers and all are urged to register at Beebase.

Once registered, the beekeeper will be able to receive the latest copies of information sheets, up-to-date information on any diseases near their apiary and will be helping NBU in their research by ensuring that the location of all apiaries is known.

All of this is, of course, free

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