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Sun 22nd July 2018

2.30 pm

Apiary meeting and inspection.

 Please bring your bee suits and veils but note that the branch has adopted a policy of 'clean gloves'. This means that all members should wear clean gloves and therefore leather gloves (unless they are new and reserved for the branch apiary) will not be allowed. Disposable gloves will be provided.

There is a car park at the apiary but the only driveable access to the apiary site is from the main entrance to Dunsland Park on the Bickford Arms to Bradford Road. The public car park is at this entrance but the gate to the park will be unlocked for us to drive through. Please close the gate after driving through it.

The postcode of the nearest house to the car park is EX22 7AA.

If you are interested in beekeeping but not a member, you are welcome to join us to take a look but please contact the apiary manager below so that we can brief you and we know to expect you.

For further details contact the apiary manager

Branch Apiary

Dunsland House, EX22 7AA (map)

The postcode of the nearest house to the car park is EX22 7AA.

Mon 30th July 2018

Stalls at Shows

Every  summer the Association runs stalls at various shows to publicise beekeeping and provide advice to members of the public who might wish to take up the hobby. We also sell honey and wax items to defray the cost of the stall.

Show dates are: Woolsery Show Monday 30th July at Clovelly Court, Holsworthy and Stratton Show 23rd August at the Holsworthy show ground, Parkham Fete on Monday 27th August.

Any member interested in helping or with goods/honey for sale  is asked to contact Deirdre Conniss on entry is chargeable helpers get a free ticket and need only help for half a day. 

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